Playing Politics with People's Lives

Given the somewhat troubled relationship between the Republican Party at large and its Tea Party subset, this report from Talking Points Memo is disconcerting.

"When a moderator for a recent Georgia Republican primary debate asked candidates by a show of hands whether they would vote to extend benefits for the thousands of American workers who have been stuck with long-term unemployment, the question was met with an awkward pause.

At the Mayor's Day Senate Forum in Atlanta earlier in the week, none of the six candidates raised their hands in favor of extending benefits, but when the opposite question would ask -- who would vote against such a proposal -- all six candidates raised their hands. Rep. Paul Broun's (R-GA) arm shot up the fastest.

The candidates' reaction could indicate that the extension of unemployment benefits could become an issue in Republican primaries."

Could?  It already has, and not just in Georgia.  Recent phone and email inquiries of assumedly mainstream Republican members of the House of Representatives, including this writer’s own Congressperson from the PA 7th Congressional district, as to whether they support a three-month extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation or EUC, have received no answer whatsoever.  Not a waffling answer, or a dissembling answer, or even a gentle but discouraging answer.  No.  Answer.  Whatsoever.

Can you say Profiles in Courage – Not, boys and girls?

Michele Petrovsky, Webmaster at Tools4Change Author of, Cathedral or Bazaar?  Fix Higher Education – Teach by the Seat of Your Pants , Donkey Dharma, and Quick Guide to Linux Glen Mills, Pa.


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