CF&I: Until It's Over

A powerful documentary about the struggles of over 1,100 steel workers who went on strike in Pueblo, Colorado, on October 3rd, 1997, after the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company's unfair labor practices. The workers demand fair treatment, including secure pensions, benefits, insurance benefits, dignity, and respect. The documentary explores the reasons behind the strike, the workers' sacrifices and concessions, and the community's support for their cause. It also sheds light on the role of Oregon Steel, the parent company of CF&I, and its attempts to control the plant's operations from a thousand miles away. The striking workers, backed by community leaders, members of other unions, and people of conscience, are unyielding in their determination to win a fair contract. This documentary provides an insightful and moving portrayal of the struggles of workers fighting for their rights and the support they receive from their community.

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