USW Sponsors Childhood Cancer Walk

USW members were instrumental in helping to organize the “Just Imagine Walk,” held on Sept. 10 in Paducah, Ky., a community event that raised $10,000 to fight childhood cancer.

The walk was the idea of Gaylon Hayden, a cancer survivor herself, whose husband is a member of Local 7-669 in nearby Metropolis, Ill.

Hayden, who also wrote a book for children suffering from cancer, said that the event would not have happened without financial support from the USW International, as well as volunteer help from members of Local 7-669 and Local 550 in Paducah.

The Local 550 Women of Steel were particularly active in getting walkers to participate, Hayden said. “I couldn’t have made it without the USW. It wouldn’t have happened,” Hayden said. “Women of Steel is what they call them, and there’s a reason for that.” Hayden said she’s already looking forward to the 2017 walk.  “I believe that next year is going to be even better,” she said.

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