Questions and Answers about the Program

  • Can I nominate myself?
    Yes, self-nomination is accepted and encouraged! 

  • When is the deadline to submit an entry:?
    The deadline for this year's entries is March 1, 2021.
  • Can I nominate non-union members?
    Our program was created to recognize our members only; however, the Jefferson Awards has many branches and provides numerous ways to nominate people for their service. We have a page here that gives information about each of these programs. You can also visit the Jefferson Awards section of the Multiplying Good website.
  • What if I don’t know all of the required information about the person I am nominating?
    If you don’t know some of the information on the form, it’s okay. You can call our office and Paulette will help you (412-562-2251).
  • What happens if the nominee is selected as a winner?
    If the nominee is selected, they will be nationally recognized for their service as a Jefferson Award winner. We will provide accommodations for them to attend the National Gala in Washington D.C. where they’ll meet other people across the country who have dedicated themselves to service.
  • Can I nominate a group of volunteers for a Jefferson Award?
    Yes! You can nominate a group, committee or team of volunteers to receive the award, but you will have to find out who the head of that organization is so that we can contact them. You would fill their contact information in on the nomination form.
  • How will winning a Jefferson Award help my service mission?
    Being recognized by the Jefferson Awards Foundation allows you to impact more lives by spreading your service message nationally. Regional winners will receive a $500.00 donation toward their cause and the national winner receives $1000.00.