ALERT from 3M: Fraudulent Respirators

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Recently, 3M has been receiving increasing reports of fraud related to the following three 3M respirator models:

  • 3M™ Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask 1860
  • 3M™ Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask 1860S
  • 3M™ Aura™ Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask 1870+

These have included reports of fake/counterfeit product as well as fraudulent offers where product is offered but not delivered.

They have been working with law enforcement and other appropriate authorities to eliminate this fraud but wanted to highlight this concerning trend.

Over the past several months, 3M’s enforcement actions have resulted in the seizure of substantial quantities of counterfeit model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ surgical respirators which had been sold or offered to government agencies in at least six different states.

With regard to model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ surgical respirators, they have identified counterfeit product bearing the following Lot Codes:

Model 1860
  • B19029
  • B19206
  • B19240
  • B19130
  • B19133
  • B19155
  • B19161
  • B19206
  • B19314
  • B20010
  • B20013
  • B20016
  • B20018
  • B20020
  • B20021
  • B20022
  • B20025
  • B20060
  • B20119
  • B20245
  • R20025
  • R20102
  • R20144
  • R20150
  • R20294
Model 1860S
  • B20522
  • B20659
  • B20670
  • R20522
Model 1870+
  • C193041
  • C190241

If you possess respirators bearing one of these Lot Codes, please immediately assess the way in which you acquired those products. If you purchased them from a third party that is not a 3M authorized distributor, then there is a significant risk that they are counterfeit and that Lot Code not be used.

Please contact 3M's anti-fraud hotline with any questions or concerns.

An additional indicator of potential counterfeit product is the appearance of a “Peru Seal” or other similar seals (examples at right). 3M does not use a “Peru Seal” outside of Latin America and does not use other similar seals. Product bearing these seals has a significant risk of being counterfeit and so should be thoroughly vetted prior to use.

Please also note:

  • All 3M model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ respirators exported from China should be viewed as counterfeit. We do not manufacture these respirators in China.
  • All shipments of 3M model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ respirators accompanied by a TUV or SGS certification report should be viewed as highly suspicious and most likely counterfeit. 

In light of these developments, please be aware of – and on guard against – the increased risk of fraud and counterfeit related to model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ respirators, particularly in connection with transactions involving third parties that are not 3M authorized distributors.

3M strongly recommends that 3M respirators be purchased only through 3M authorized distributors, or through existing contracting vehicles (i.e., Federal Supply Schedules), as this will provide the greatest assurance of receiving authentic product.

As part of their ongoing support for critical frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, their supply of model 1860, 1860S, and 1870+ surgical respirators is currently intended for healthcare end-users.

3M also strongly encourages you to contact their anti-fraud hotline if you have purchased one of these products from an unfamiliar third party and would like assistance authenticating the product you have received.