Trump’s Empty Words

From the AFL-CIO

“Last night, President Trump painted an everything-being-great picture of America that while optimistic, is not the reality for most working families. That may be how his friends are living, but the working men and women we represent aren’t seeing the same America; and his policies are making it worse. The truth is many of the things he says are undermined by the actual policies he supports,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

While President Donald Trump rightly acknowledged problems in trade, America’s working people are still victim to corporate-designed deals, and last night he offered no solutions to make the North American Free Trade Agreement benefit working people.

While Trump recognizes the crisis of outsourcing jobs, his tax bill actually encourages corporations to do it. More than 93,000 jobs were outsourced under President Trump in 2017, a significant increase over previous years, despite his claims to oppose sending jobs overseas.

While Trump promises to put America back to work building infrastructure, he actually wants to spend more on a border wall than investing in all of America’s infrastructure for an entire year. And he is using hardworking Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status recipients as a bargaining chip to do it.

And slashing regulations, one of his biggest applause lines, really means working people are denied wages and workplaces are less safe.

But, here's the truth: No matter who's sitting in the White House or what they're saying on TV or what they're tweeting, working people are moving forward. We are united around an agenda to secure our economic future—fighting for the freedom to have a voice on the job, share in the wealth we help create and live better lives.


Stronger Together

Stronger Together