The Definitive List of 2018’s Most American-made Cars is Here

Matthew McMullan Communications Manager, Alliance for American Manufacturing

It’s summer 2018. You know what that means: We’ve got an updated ranking of the most American-made automobiles on the market.

Brought to you by American University’s Kogod School of Business, the Made in America Auto Index considers seven criteria – including where each car model is assembled, where its engine is produced, and where its research and development takes place – to reach its conclusions.

Frank DuBois, the academic behind the index, went into detail about them on the Manufacturing Report podcast last year.

If you’re interested in why it matters where your car is produced, it’s definitely worth a listen.

As for this year’s rankings, they were topped by an American classic: the Corvette, made by Chevrolet.

Find the entire 2018 Made in America Auto Index here.