Pence Points to Vocational Training as Bipartisan Opportunity

Melissa Gilliam

Melissa Gilliam Intern, AAM

Vice President Pence highlighted the importance of vocational education in addressing manufacturing’s skilled labor shortage during a Politico Playbook interview on Tuesday.

“The challenge we have in a growing economy -- an economy that’s expanding, last quarter 3.5 percent -- is workforce,” Pence said.  “Everywhere I go I have businesses saying to me, ‘We’re hiring. We’re expanding.’ … It’s difficult to find people.”

Pence stated that out of seven million job openings, six million people are looking for employment and that vocational education represents an opportunity for bipartisanship, as seen with the recently signed bipartisan water infrastructure bill.

Indeed, manufacturers need more skilled workers and vocational training programs, and the Trump administration is wise to address these issues as manufacturing boasts resounding bipartisan support, according to recent polling data.

We couldn't agree more that it is time for manufacturing to be a leading focus in Congress, regardless of what party takes the House. It’s not about red or blue; it’s about supporting America’s workers and the manufacturing industry, which presents a critical pathway to the middle class for so many Americans. 

Check out our new video below for more on why a thriving manufacturing industry in America is so important to our nation.


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