Here Come the Cuts

From the AFL-CIO

House Republican leaders released a new budget blueprint to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to pay for their massive tax giveaway to corporations and the richest CEOs, another step in a long plan to completely rig the system against regular working people.

It’s time to expand Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, so more people can live in dignity, which is why we’re building a broad independent movement of workers. We won’t stop until we win.

President Donald Trump claimed his tax cut would result in an average pay raise of $4,000 for every working family. In fact, hourly wages have dropped since the bill was signed into law.

The law slashed the corporate tax rate by more than 40% and handed multinational corporations a $400 billion discount on their offshore profits, costing us $2 trillion.

Now the House GOP wants to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to make up the difference, despite Trump’s promises never to do so.

Worse, right-wing politicians have begun talking about “round two” of tax cuts, which would again give even more money to the rich.

Working people believe we should end all tax incentives and loopholes that encourage outsourcing, require wealthy individuals to pay their fair share and use that money to invest in America.


Stronger Together

Stronger Together