‘Fox & Friends’ dehumanizes Christine Hallquist

Aaron Rupar

Aaron Rupar Editor, Think Progress

On Tuesday night, Christine Hallquist won her Democratic primary election in Vermont, thereby becoming the first openly transgender gubernatorial candidate from a major political party in the United States.

The following morning, Fox & Friends‘ Ainsley Earhardt responded to Hallquist’s historic win by dehumanizing her as “that transgender.”

Hallquist told the Associated Press that while she’s proud to be the first major transgender gubernatorial candidate in the country, in Vermont she wants to be known primarily for her progressive platform.

For Fox & Friends, however, Hallquist’s victory amounted to little more than a punchline. The only detail that hosts mentioned about the Vermont race was that Hallquist beat a 14-year-old candidate — the implication being that a major victory for the trans community amounted to little more than a joke.


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