Women -- and Men -- Marched in Valparaiso, Including USW Members

By Terry Steagall
USW Local 1010

The Women’s March in Chicago was being planned with an estimate of approximately 22.000 attendees. I  was going to attend, and I saw an article in the local newspaper that a 65-year-old woman, Charlotte Friedlund, decided to organize a Woman’s March in Valparaiso. I decided I should support the Women’s March in Valparaiso, since there would be more than enough support in Chicago.

Little did I know, the Women’s March in Chicago would reach 250,000 people! The march in Washington reached 500,000 people and the total would be two million people nationwide.

Well, I went to the Women’s March in Valparaiso, in a city of approximately 32,000 people and we had approximately 500 people surround the Porter County Court house on the Square from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m., on Saturday, in solidarity for women’s rights and human rights. We were loud, we were proud, we were peaceful and we sent a message to President Trump!

It’s time for America to “Stand Up and Fight Back”, because the Republicans have control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The People need to stand up to the “Swamp Rat Lobbyist” in Washington D.C., and send a message to Congress, that they were sent to Congress do the work of the People,  not the “Swamp Rat Lobbyist” for special interest trying to undermine our Democracy with Political Contributions to Congress.

All we have right now is, the “Power of the People”, so you need to participate in Marches in your community and if there isn’t a March or Rally in your community, start one!

Power of the People, is all we have!