Trump’s Budget Betrays Veterans

By The Progress Report

President Trump announced a massive tax overhaul at an event in Indiana. Despite Trump’s persistent praise for the military and his promises to fight for veterans, his tax plan would be extremely detrimental to those who have served. To take just one example, for every $2 Trump wants to cut from veterans' services and benefits over the next decade, his tax plan gives more than $3 to the adult children of millionaires by repealing the estate tax. Already, twenty-one percent of all veterans in the United States live paycheck to paycheck, yet Trump plans to raise taxes for the lowest tax bracket to offset tax cuts for the wealthy. This is not the first time this year that this administration and the Congressional majority have taken actions that are antithetical their empty promises to veterans. For instance, the latest version of Trumpcare, Graham-Cassidy, would have cut access to Medicaid for nearly 600,000 veterans.