Trump Administration Moves to Take Away Overtime Pay from Workers

Celine McNicholas

Celine McNicholas Labor Council, EPI

Once again, the Trump administration is weighing in against working people getting raises. The Department of Justice today filed a motion to dismiss its appeal of a preliminary injunction against the Obama administration’s overtime rule, quietly siding with business groups and state attorneys general who challenged the updated rule because they do not want millions of working people to earn overtime pay or spend more time with their families.

Unsurprisingly, when choosing between corporate interests and working people, the Trump administration sides with the former. A higher overtime threshold would literally put money in the pockets of hard-working middle class workers or give them more time with their families and the Trump administration is choosing to support weakening or killing this rule. One cannot help but notice that the Trump administration is quick to position itself near working people in photo ops, but is quietly working to undermine regulations that actually help working people.