USW President Leo Gerard Talks Trump’s Hypocrisy and Betrayal of U.S. Workers

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USW International President Leo W. Gerard appeared on The Leslie Marshall Show this week to speak on the recent Newsweek investigation confirming that Donald Trump imported Chinese steel and aluminum for several of his recent construction projects. While touting a message of bringing jobs back to America, Trump has been proven instead to be doing the exact opposite.

“He actually disguised the documents to appear as if the steel did not come through China,” Gerard said. “As he vilifies China, he continues to buy his materials from China. He’s nothing more than a hypocrite and someone who we should not trust whatsoever.”

The betrayal extends beyond those who make steel and aluminum, said Gerard. It affects families and communities all across the country.

“For every steel job, you end up having six, seven, eight more jobs,” Gerard said. “But he’s consistently ignored American steelworkers. He doesn’t give a damn about making America great again -- he wants to make Donald Trump great.”

Gerard doesn’t blame workers, including his own union members, who are angry. But he believes there is only one candidate who has proven to be on the side of workers and families.

“Hillary came out of law school and went to work for the Children’s Defense Fund. Her whole life she’s been fighting for families and standing up for workers,” Gerard said. “Hillary came to the International Trade Commission and testified on our behalf to stop Chinese steel from coming in. Trump was nowhere to be found.”

Trump’s deceit and hypocrisy is more proof that he is a fraud and unfit to be president. Aside from refusing to bargain with his own workers who voted to join a union, he continuously walks all over those he deems beneath him while using dirty tactics to line his own pockets.

“What has Donald Trump ever done for working people? He’s bankrupted his companies, he’s stiffed his contractors,” Gerard said. “In the long haul, Donald Trump has never done anything for anybody but himself and his family.”

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