Trump Seems to Be Fine with Outsourcing to Right to Work States

Berry Craig

Berry Craig AFL-CIO

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump trashed the North American Free Trade Agreement and outsourcing in his Hoosier primary victory speech, which was typically long on style and short on substance. “We’re going to bring back our jobs and we’re going to keep our jobs,” the presumptive GOP presidential nominee bloviated. "We’re not going to let companies leave.”

Trump didn’t say how he planned to stop the outsourcers. Somehow, he failed to mention that before he was a candidate, he was cool with shipping U.S. jobs and production abroad.

Then came a revelation, or at least something I’ve never heard him say before: “Now if they want to go to a different state, good luck. Compete.” Trump didn’t elaborate. But it sounds like he is fine with companies busting unions in free bargaining states and heading for "right to work" states.

Trump is clear that he prefers right to work states:

"I like it [right to work] better because it is lower. It is better for the people. You are not paying the big fees to the unions. The unions get big fees. A lot of people don't realize they have to pay a lot of fees. I am talking about the workers. They have to pay big fees to the union. I like it because it gives great flexibility to the people. It gives great flexibility to the companies."

Trump apparently thinks all it takes to sucker union members into voting for him is just demonizing NAFTA and outsourcing without providing specifics. But here’s what we know about The Donald:


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