Trump is Bad News for Working People

By Ed Cook
Member, USW Local 2003, Portage, Ind.

This is a must read for Trump supporters who think he would be good for working people. He wants to make good deals for you: LOL.

He said U.S. automakers could shift production away from Michigan to communities where autoworkers would make less. “You can go to different parts of the United States and then ultimately you’d do full-circle — you’ll come back to Michigan because those guys are going to want their jobs back even if it is less,” Trump said. “We can do the rotation in the United States — it doesn’t have to be in Mexico.”

He said that after Michigan “loses a couple of plants — all of sudden you’ll make good deals in your own area.” See? A good deal for workers? NOT!

Although wages are lower at non-union U.S. plants owned by foreign automakers, hourly employees for Detroit’s Big Three are paid the same no matter what state they’re in, under the terms of United Auto Workers contracts. Yep, Trump wants to break your union contracts because you make too much money. Yep, make America great again by giving your wages and benefits back to the companies.

Trump also thinks the $7.25 minimum wage is too high.

Trump’s good deals to make America great again would be by busting unions.


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