Small Business Owners Warn Trump Is “A Recession Waiting to Happen”

Given Donald Trump’s shady business practices I’d be afraid to do business with him, let alone let him run the country. – Kelly Conklin of Foley-Waite LLC

The Main Street Alliance, a national network of state-based small business coalitions, has released a political video warning small business owners that Trump’s economic policies show “a misunderstanding of what it takes to make our economy thrive.” The video was released through the Main Street Alliance’s Action Fund.

The video features Kelly Conklin, who owns Foley-Waite LLC, a woodworking company in Kenilworth, New Jersey. In the video Conklin says:

Donald Trump is a recession waiting to happen. And on November 8th you have a choice, whether we are going to go ahead on a steady course or whether we are going to plunge the country into one of its darkest eras ever. The master of disaster or a proven entity who can do the job.

Announcing the video, Main Street Alliance National Director Amanda Ballantyne blasted Trump’s behavior and business practices,

Donald Trump’s rhetoric throughout the election has been toxic and dangerous. His almost glib explanations for his tax avoidance and bad business practices, and shirking small business owners he works with shows a misunderstanding of what it takes to make our economy thrive,” said Ballantyne. “For that reason, we can no longer sit on the sidelines. We worked with our members to produce this video expressing the concerns of real small business owners who have earned their success by doing business the right way.

A longer version of the above video: