Four Can't-Fail Questions for Electing the Next President

As in 2008, a high percentage Americans don't believe in their leaders. Highlights from CoveyLink, LLC’s February 4, 2008 Press Release Covey Tells You How to Vote!, follow:

How can we fix it? What do voters want? America's CEO of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey, knows the answers and will show you the way.

According to a survey conducted by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, 97% of Americans agree that the next president should possess honesty and integrity, intelligence, a strong prior track record, and the ability to communicate well. Without trust and ethical behavior, communication will fail, intelligence will fall under suspicion, and honesty and integrity will not exist. In short, the American people want and need trust.

To answer the question, "How do I determine whom to trust with my vote," voters should ask themselves:

-- What is my leading candidate's motive and intent for seeking office, and can they communicate effectively enough to work across party lines AND connect with voters?

-- Does my leading candidate inspire confidence and have the credentials and capability to be President?

-- Does my leading candidate have a track record of following through with their commitments and accomplishing the desired results?

-- Can my chosen candidate behave with integrity, and walk their talk, reduce divisiveness, and restore trust?

Not unlike the day before 2008 Super Tuesday, when CoveyLink, LLC published its press release Covey Tells You How to Vote!, ethics and personal values are the new currency. Fostering trust is the solution. 


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