Election 2016: Members Speak Out

David Wiley
Local 1023

David Wiley, 60, Moneta, Va., a union member for a quarter century, has served as treasurer of USW Local 1023 at Yokohama Tire Corp. for the past five years.

“If Donald Trump is elected, our country will be a train wreck. He says a lot of things he just can’t do. He can’t just slap a 25 percent tariff on China. You can’t do that by yourself.

“Hillary Clinton will do the right thing for us. She knows that without the guy who carries a lunch box to work every day, this country cannot survive. She will work to make sure those jobs don’t leave this country. She is wealthy and has done well for herself, but she has felt for the poor and the middle class her entire life.

“She has our best interests in mind and Donald Trump does not. He does not care about the middle class.”


Stronger Together

Stronger Together