When Obama Speaks on Fast Track’s TPP, Bush-43’s Words Come out of his Mouth

TPP is still being negotiated after nearly 10 years of talks, therefore, the agenda for TPP was set by the Bush43 Administration. Yet President Obama is betting the ranch (his 2nd term legacy) on it.

Peer pressure, what we teach our children and grandchildren to resist, is being applied by President Obama to a few dozen Democrats who are willing to listen because they have affinity for the President. More  important than the words coming from President Obama is that the message about the merits of TPP is the same as President George W. Bush would be delivering if he were still in office.

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson in Call These People, and Make Them Listen writes “Under the First Amendment, you have the right to petition your government to redress your grievances. Now would be a good time to do that. Today. Call one; call them all. Call as many as you want. Exercise your constitutional right to redress your grievances. Make them listen. (By the way, the system is rigged so that you can't send them an e-mail unless you are a constituent. So you have to call.)”

For starters, Alan Grayson lists a half dozen items that are bad about Fast Track. Alternatively, you can just say that you're tired of Middle Class America getting hosed. But whatever else you say, make sure you say this:

NO on Fast Track!