Wait, What? George W. Bush Kept the Country Safe?

In the most recent GOP debate, Jeb Bush claimed his brother kept this country safe!  

When the 9/11 attacks were underway, President George W. Bush was securely concealed in an elementary school in Florida.  VIce President Cheney was hiding in an underground facility at the same time.  

President Bush did ensure safety for the bin Laden family by providing them with safe passage out of the US the next morning. 

Later, while we were fighting in Afghanistan, several requests were made by Special Forces to pursue Osama bin Laden, who was reported to be hiding in a cave.  Those requests were turned down.  

Instead, President Bush called for the removal of many US troops fighting in Afghanistan to wage a war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and  Osama bin Laden was allowed to escape to Pakistan.  

Saddam Hussein was a power-hungry dictator who would never have allowed Al Qaeda or any similar group to gain a foothold in Iraq. But as a consequence of our defeating Hussein and his army, that is precisely what happened. 

Perhaps Jeb Bush's remark was based on the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security?   The truth is that the bill was drafted by a Democratic Congressman, based on a policy paper issued by the Clinton administration. George Bush, whose only involvement was to sign it into law, was allowed to take credit for it.  

Finally, with two expensive wars in progress, the Bush administration failed to raise taxes to pay for them, causing our federal debt to skyrocket, and failed to enforce existing laws against the malfeasance committed within the banking industry which resulted in the "Great Recession." 

Would Jeb Bush refer to someone walking down a driving lane of a busy superhighway as "safe?" 


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