USW VP Tom Conway: U.S. Can’t Sustain A Still Dysfunctional Healthcare System

Doug Cunningham

Doug Cunningham WIN Labor Radio

United Steel Workers Vice President Tom Conway says the movement to change America’s still dysfunctional health care system must keep organizing until a tipping point of change is reached. Speaking at a single payer health care conference in Chicago, Conway said the Affordable Care Act is a big problem for the steel workers and it’s a brutal place out there trying to bargain with employers on health care. He says health insurance for workers keeps getting more expensive while coverage narrows. He says doctors, workers and single payer universal care activists are actively building a movement to change our dysfunctional health care system. [Tom Conway]: “And we’ll just keep growin’ this and growin’ it until we hit the tipping point we need. But we can’t give up. This is exactly the right way to do it. Put everyone in a room together, give us all time to get comfortable with each other, move off and just keep organizin’ and keep drivin’. And we’re gonna change the way this works. ‘Cause this country can’t sustain this kind of a dysfunctional system.”


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