USW Meets With ATI On Lockout – One Day Longer One Day Stronger

Interview with USW International President Leo Gerard on WIN Radio

The United Steelworkers and ATI are scheduled to meet Friday (September 11) about the company’s lockout of 2,200 workers. But USW President Leo Gerard doesn’t expect ATI to offer anything that will end the lockout.

[Leo Gerard]: “No, this is a mediation called by the mediators. They want to see where we are. We have a long history of insisting we’ll last one day longer.”

Gerard cited other battles with companies like the ones at Ravenswood, Goodyear and CF&I where the Steelworkers lasted one day longer and returned to work with dignity.

[Leo Gerard]: “CF&I in particular – at CF&I, the company owed our members $100 million in back pay when we settled. So we’ll see what happens.”