The Good Government Can Do

Republican politicians repeatedly and erratically like to say, "Government can do no good."  But the truth is that government can and has done much good.  One example is the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), established during theGreat Depression to address a broad range of issues, including:  flood control, production of low-cost electric power, irrigation and sustainable jobs.  

In view of the recent floods in Texas, Oklahoma and elsewhere and the water shortages in the western states, I could not help recalling that before air conditioning became a widespread convenience, northern states used to plow the snow from the roads, load it onto trucks and ship it to southern states who would then use the ice and snow to keep groceries cool.  


What we could really use today would be a system which would control flooding in various places around the country, diverting potential floodwaters to reservoirs and tanks and ship that excess water to places experiencing droughts.  

Such a system would benefit farmers and consumers alike, by helping crops to grow and the price of those crops to remain low at the checkout counter.  And, of course, it would benefit the people in the flooded areas by keeping their houses, roads and vehicles safe.  

If members of Congress think there is nothing for them to do, they are dead wrong!  Tell your Congressmen to get to work on a project like this or quit, go on welfare, and let someone else do their jobs. 


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