Stand Up and Fight 'Right to Work' in West Virginia

Here they come! Big corporations spent more than $1 billion last year to elect politicians who would push their agenda. Now they're starting to call in those favors. And West Virginia is one of the places they are launching this year's anti-working families' agenda.

Earlier this month, big corporations got their pals in Charleston, W.Va., to introduce a controversial and unsafe “right to work” bill. This legislation will make it easier to cut wages and benefits, send jobs overseas and weaken health and safety protections at workplaces across the state. But we don't have to sit back and let them do it.

The state Senate is expected to start debating right to work this week. We need to make sure senators know this legislation is the wrong priority for our state.

This dangerous proposal is just an attempt by big corporations to gut the middle class so they can boost their own profits. The law will not protect workers, it will actually take away their voice on the job.

Right to work legislation will not only pave a road to lower wages and decreased benefits, it will make it easier to outsource jobs, take away job security and weaken workplace safety rules. This legislation won't create jobs for West Virginians, it will make existing jobs less capable of meeting the needs of the hardworking families who rely on those jobs.

But that’s not going to stop extreme politicians from getting the bill passed as quickly as they can, which is why, if you live in West Virginia, you need to contact your state senators now. Send a message today and ask them to oppose right to work.


This has been reposted from the AFL-CIO.