Solidarity with Workers Seeking Better Pay, Unions

I just read President Leo Gerard's blog on the New Hampshire Labor News. I respect it very much. The sentence: "The truth is that Patel, like so many other employers, believes that employees should work for free" is the absolute truth.

The American people, as well as union members, need to understand this at a time when paying dues to keep a union solvent is being viciously lied about eliminated wherever the corporate interests can get away with it.

I will be at a rally tomorrow with thousands of courageous workers who are miserably paid in New York City and treated brutually.

President Gerard is a busy man (I've read his other articles on the NH Labor News) but I do want him to know that the blog, Unions Matters, has published several articles about the importance of the Fast Food Forward movement, dating back to 2012 when it first began in NYC. I and my colleagues were at every demonstration, proud to stand with workers fighting for their right to survive and be paid $15.00 an hour–as a beginning!

There is also an article by Matthew D'Amico on our blog entitled: "The USW Strike & Safety: a Victory for All Workers." Here's the link:

Keep up the good work.

Carol Driscoll
Retired Fund Administrator for a Teamsters Local
New York, NY