New GOP Congress Rushes Big Favors to Wall Street

Jim Hightower Author, Commentator, America’s Number One Populist

New GOP Congress Rushes Big Favors to Wall Street

If members of the brand-spanking new, Republican-controlled Congress are at all confused about why We the People consider them just another load of bovine excrement, they should look at their bill called "Promoting Job Creation and Reducing Small Business Burdens."

Only one day after being sworn in, the GOP introduced this deceitfully-titled bill as its top-priority, must-pass piece of economic legislation. But forget jobs and small business – those are just gauzy shams to hide the fact that this bill is nothing but a thank-you gift to the party's sweethearts on Wall Street!

A little background: First, having wrecked our economy with their reckless casino gambles in 2008, the banking giants had to swallow the 2010 Dodd-Frank reform bill that put some modest limits on their destructive gambling habit. Second, the banksters went running to Republicans, wailing that the Dodd-Frank wrist slaps were hurting their profits. Third, they pledged to back sympathetic GOP candidates over those mean ol' Democrats in the 2014 elections. Fourth, they did. And fifth, with Republicans now in charge, it's payback time for banksters!

The chief pay clerk is Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick, chair of the financial services committee. He even tried to ram his Wall Street giveaway through the House with a rigged process that would've prevented any debate. No need to question what's in it, he averred, for it merely makes "technical corrections" to the Dodd-Frank reforms.

Yeah – "technicalities" like putting us taxpayers back on the hook for bailing out banksters when their speculative gambles fail, allowing them to take more risk with our money, and letting them hide more of their scams from public scrutiny. To learn the truth about the GOP's corrupt coddling of their thieving financial benefactors, go to


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