Free Subscription to Progressive Magazine “In These Times”

Richard L. Trumka President, AFL-CIO

Free Subscription to Progressive Magazine “In These Times”

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing to share with you a very attractive offer: a FREE one-year subscription to In These Times, a progressive monthly magazine. For 38 years, In These Times has provided some of the best coverage of the labor movement in the nation, including in-depth reporting on the fight for a hike in the minimum wage and the right to unionize. (In These Times employees are represented by The Newspaper Guild of the Communications Workers of America.)

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This special, one-time offer is made possible through a generous grant from the Puffin Foundation of Teaneck, New Jersey, which—like In These Times—is a staunch supporter of workers’ rights.

You will find that In These Times sheds light on labor stories that the mainstream media ignores. Every monthly issue includes investigative reports, provocative essays, and debates about our country’s political future, together with colorfully illustrated news reports straight from the front lines.

In These Times engages in the debate about how we in the labor movement should proceed in the face of the increasingly powerful and well-funded political forces trying to roll back hard- won worker protections.

The past year has provided clear evidence of the challenging uphill battle faced by workers and their advocates—such as the dismantling of state wage-and-hour-law enforcement divisions and attacks on worker pensions. As these struggles ensue, In These Times’ reporting is provoking public discussion about wages and workers’ rights, fueled by the promising new movement of low-wage workers agitating for a living wage and fair working conditions.

In These Times is on our side. I hope you’ll take advantage of this special opportunity for a free subscription. There’s no catch and no strings attached, although I do hope you will consider renewing when your free year is up.

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I think you will enjoy the magazine and appreciate In These Times’ commitment to the belief that our democracy should work for everyone.

Richard L. Trumka was elected AFL-CIO president in September 2009. He served as AFL-CIO secretary-treasurer since 1995. Born in Nemacolin, Pa., on July 24, 1949, Trumka was elected to the AFL-CIO Executive Council in 1989. At the time of his election to the secretary-treasurer post, he was serving his third term as president of the Mine Workers (UMWA).