To Commemorate July 4: Federal Contractors Should Disclose Campaign Spending

We the People do not know how much money federal contractors are spending to bribe influence our Congress. What does that say about the transparency and integrity of our pay-to-play political system?

For Independence Day President Obama should help Congress become independent of bribes campaign contributions from federal contractors. Thanks to recent Supreme Court decisions, federal contractors can give unlimited amounts to “dark money” groups that influence elections with smear ads, etc.

In March, more than 50 organizations sent a letter asking President Obama to require federal contractors to disclose their spending on bribes political campaigns. Obviously, the public should know if and how much federal contractors are influencing those who decide what to spend on federal contracts.

In April, public interest groups delivered petitions signed by more than 550,000 citizens calling on the President to require this disclosure.

In June, 26 Senators and 104 Representatives sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to require this disclosure.

So far the President has done nothing.

A March report by Brennan Center for Justice titled, “Requiring Government Contractors to Disclose Political Spending,” explained the seriousness of the problem:

The federal government spent approximately $460 billion in FY2013 on private sector contracts. Almost 40 percent of that total, roughly $177 billion, went to just 25 major companies. Since 2000, the top 10 federal contractors have made

$1.5 trillion from the government.

… There is nothing to stop these same companies, along with the various individuals and entities aļ¬ƒliated with them, from contributing unlimited amounts to dark money groups who do not disclose some or all of their donors.

Call the White House today and let them know you want the President to require that federal contractors disclose their political spending.

The number to reach White House switchboard is 1-855-980-5638.