An Election Campaign Mantra for the 98 Percent: “It’s Domestic Job Growth, Stupid”

Has the election campaign mantra "It's the economy, stupid" outlived its usefulness?

The term economy is a generality, having different meanings to different people, e.g. jobs to the 98 percent but the stock market to Steve Forbes and the 2 percent.

"It's the economy, stupid" can be used can be used by candidates pandering to the 2 percent as well as candidates trying to appeal to the 98 percent, however those among the 98 percent without a good job feel left behind as the stock market reaches new highs, and experience the psychological phenomenon of “learned helplessness,”  and become apathetic and less likely to vote.

After 22 years of use, "It's the economy, stupid" has yielded the greatest decrease in mid-term year voter turnout versus the previous Presidential election (38.3%), except for during WWII, i.e. 1942 (45.7%).

The use of the election campaign mantra: “It’s Domestic Job Growth, Stupid” would perform a national service by waking-up our leaders to the all­ out war for good jobs.


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