Volume 2, Issue 4: April 23, 2021

NLRB Issues Fourth Consolidated Complaint over ASARCO's Unfair Labor Practices

This week, Region 28 of the National Labor Relations Board issued a fourth consolidated complaint against ASARCO for the company's multiple unfair labor practices, which include bad faith bargaining, unilaterally changing working conditions and failing to reinstate workers returning from the unfair labor practice strike, as well as additional illegal actions by the company since the strike ended.

The NLRB has set a new hearing date to prosecute its case against ASARCO on Aug. 24, 2021.

We have filed additional charges based on recent unilateral changes and the termination of a returning USW striker.

Previously, the NLRB has outlined in detail management’s failure to bargain in good faith with the unions representing its employees, including failing to provide information needed for bargaining, failing to have decision makers at the table, changing an existing bonus program to discriminate against union representatives, unlawful surveillance and unilaterally declaring an impasse and implementing changes to working conditions in December 2019.

Our struggle has been long and difficult, but we will continue to stand together, push for justice and hold ASARCO accountable.

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