Issue 5: March 11, 2020

NLRB Rejects ASARCO’s Petition to Remove USW from Silver Bell 

Region 28 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) this week rejected a petition by ASARCO to prompt an election to remove the USW as the representative of Silver Bell employees and separate Silver Bell workers from their brothers and sisters in our master bargaining unit. 

The NLRB decision, dated March 5, 2020, points out critically that the only evidence ASARCO presented came from supervisors who claimed to speak for the sentiment of hourly employees. 

No one should be surprised by management’s efforts. It’s no secret that the company would rather operate without the legal obligation to negotiate in good faith with its union-represented employees, just as it likely would wish to be freed from U.S. environmental regulations and occupational health and safety laws. 

ASARCO cannot divide us with unfair labor practices or phony petitions, and as long as we stand together, we will win the fair contract we have earned and deserve. 

Arizona AFL-CIO Brings ASARCO Strike to Capitol Steps 

On March 9, 2020, the Arizona AFL-CIO’s annual “Day of Action” brought our unfair labor practice strike and message from seven affiliated unions to the forefront of the State Capitol. The event saw hundreds of union members descend upon the Arizona legislature in support of the rights and needs of working families. 

Union members packed the State Capitol for the 2020 Arizona AFL-CIO Day of Action. 

The keynote speaker was Xochitl Cobarruvias, chief of staff for USW Local 675 in Los Angeles, who received a roaring ovation from union members, law makers, and community leaders 

“Sisters and brothers at ASARCO, I want you to know that you are not alone. You are the change,” she said. “Together we will fight, and we will not stop until we win. Brothers and sisters, together we will harvest justice, dignity and respect for all.” 

March 9th marked the 148th day of the strike, and chants of “ONE DAY LONGER! ONE DAY STRONGER!” echoed through the State House and Senate chambers. 

Attendees were encouraged to spend time on the picket lines and support the needs of the local unions on strike against ASARCO’s unfair labor practices in Arizona and Texas. 

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