Issue 11: April 22, 2020

AFL-CIO Executive Council Pledges Support in Solidarity Statement  

This week, the AFL-CIO Executive Council adopted a statement in solidarity with workers on strike against unfair labor practices at ASARCO and condemning Grupo México's violations of labor, human and environmental rights. 

A delegation of union members from our ASARCO facilities met with AFL-CIO leadership in February 2020, while in Washington, D.C., and the statement follows up on that conversation. 

The AFL-CIO recounts examples of ASARCO and its corporate parent, Grupo México’s worst labor, safety and environmental issues and expresses support for our struggle and the communities impacted by their corporate behavior. 

The statement concludes: 

The AFL-CIO is fully committed in its support for striking miners at Asarco. The federation calls on Asarco’s parent company, Grupo México, to negotiate a fair contract with the unions at the mines. Given the egregious nature of the contract violations, environmental degradation and disregard for communities, the AFL-CIO also urges the Business Roundtable to follow through on its Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, which it issued in August 2019, and to condemn the actions of Grupo México and its subsidiary Asarco. 

The AFL-CIO also will communicate with members of Congress, the executive branch, the Mexican government, and candidates for the 2020 presidential and congressional elections to seek a resolution for the nearly 1,800 miners who safely and responsibly mine some 66% of U.S. copper output. 

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Stay HEALTHY, SAFE and UNITED! Solidarity is our strength! 

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