Positive Lifestyle Changes to Coping

Call about treatment or joining a PTSD support group

Taking the first step can be difficult especially if the victim feels that nothing will help, but taking positive action creates a feeling of great relief.

Increase contact with other survivors of trauma

The best source of understanding and support are other survivors of trauma. Increasing contact with other survivors can reverse the process of isolation and distrust in others.

Reinvest in personal relationships with family and friends

Making an effort to reestablish an important relationship can help survivors reconnect with others.

Start an exercise routine

Exercise in moderation may distract those with PTSD from negative reactions and will increase their self-esteem and sense of personal control.

Starting to volunteer in the community

It is important for survivors to feel that they are contributing to the community. One way to reconnect with the community is to volunteer. This may reverse feelings of hopelessness and negative views of the world.