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Stories of Pride: Jamie Martinez from USW Local 1155L

Jamie Martinez considered themselves a worker before attending the USW's first-ever Next Generation conference. It was then they started to see themselves as an activist. Now, Jamie serves on the local's Next Gen and Civil and Human Rights committees in Tennessee!

Stories of Pride: Andrew Reed from USW Local 9187

Andrew Reed, a proud member of our LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee, started out like most of us by just attending a meeting or two. Hearing positive and negative stories about our union, Andrew decided he wanted to be a part of the solution and now he is serving his second term as President of Local 9187.

Stories of Pride: Jessica Rios Viner from USW Local 6135 in Puerto Rico

Jess Rios Viner is proud to be union and proud of the work the USW is doing to make sure all workers have strong contracts where everyone feels safe and represented, and that their voice matters no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

Stories of Pride: Katrina Fitzgerald from USW Local 3657

Katrina Fitzgerald has been a member of our union for more than 22 years. For half of those, she did not feel represented or seen. Learn more about Katrina’s journey and experience as an LGBTQ+ worker and activist, and why representation matters by watching her story.

Stories of Pride: USW LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee Panel

Becoming Mayson

He was fired for who he loved, moved to another country to find peace and transitioned publicly in the workplace.

Watch as Mayson Fulk shares his story and discusses how he’s using his life experiences to educate others and make positive changes within our union.

Photos from Pittsburgh Pride 2019

USW People's Pride