2022 USW Installation of Officers

Live from Pittsburgh, the leaders of our International union take the oath of office, ushering in a new era for our great union.

USW at Inglis

Members of USW Local Unions 2900 and 4487 manufactured a wide range of products at John Inglis Co.: washers, dryers, water heaters and other household appliances; kitchen utensils; large industrial equipment, even fishing rods. At its height, more than 17,000 United Steelworkers at Inglis made Bren guns for the WWII war effort. For more than 50 years, our union improved the lives of the thousands of workers who passed through the company’s doors -- and improved the lives of all those in the Toronto area. The union at Inglis also produced some of labor's most impactful leaders. USW International President Lynn Williams was a worker at Inglis on the water heater line during the late 1940s and a life-long, dues-paying member. International President Leo W. Gerard represented the locals as a staff rep during the 1970s and 1980s during some of their toughest fights. In November 1989, the John Inglis Company’s workers made their last products. But the wonderful memories of Locals 2900 and 4487 and their members will last forever.

The Memorial Day Massacre

This clip from the USW’s 70th Anniversary celebration relives the “Memorial Day Massacre” that occurred 81 years ago today. Several thousand workers who were trying to form a union had walked off their jobs in what is known as the “Little Steel Strike.” On the South Side of Chicago, striking workers rallied with their families and community members, then marched to peacefully picket Republic Steel. Police, out in full force, fired shots. Ten workers were dead. Thirty others were shot. Share this post to help us honor the 10 who lost their lives so that we could have the rights we still fight for today: Hilding Anderson, Alfred Causey, Leo Francisco, Earl J. Handley, Otis A. Jones, Sam R. Popovich, Kenneth Reed, Joseph Rothmund, Anthony Taglieri and Lee Tisdale. #1u #NeverForget

USW: House Calling

A vintage video about how to properly perform a home visit on union business.

SOAR: A Lifetime of Activism

With a new president at the help, the Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees is more active than ever. Our retirees are using new technology, continuing education and mentoring a new generation of USW activists.

Lynn Williams - One Day Longer

A tribute to Lynn Williams, past president of the United Steelworkers of America.

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A Tribute to Lynn Williams

From the 1992 film "Leadership is... A Tribute to Lynn Williams."

Stronger Together

Our union has a proud history and is forged in tradition that we are all privileged to carry on. The past few years have been among the most exciting -- and the most challenging in our 70 plus years. We've come through a lot. We've accomplished a lot. And we have so much more to do. Through it all -- the good times and the bad times -- one thing has been proven over and over: we are stronger together.

Lynn Williams, USW President Emeritus

Lynn Williams, USW President Emeritus address to the USW Constitutional Convention August 16, 2011