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Leadership. In our union, it’s so much more than a word. Leadership is about people: the men and women we’re honored to serve. And the women and men who’ve served with honor. Watch and share our tribute to Leo W. Gerard, Stan Johnson, Carol Landry and Jon Geenen as they retire and we welcome new leaders to continue our great legacy.

Inspiring Women! Inspiring Stories!

Three stories from three truly inspirational women kickoff the 2018 USW International Women's Conference! Is it your time to answer the call? #ANSWERINGTHECALL

Bridge Over Troubled Water

We know Steelworkers have big hearts – that’s evident in the 250-plus Jefferson Awards nominations from the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean that detail the amazing community service work of the union. Sister Pricilla Puente took home one of our top national honors. Watch and share Pricilla’s story.

USW | A Woman of Steel Is...

Women of Steel is an activist-arm of the USW that evolved from the early women’s caucuses that demanded that women have their rightful place in our union. Originally, WOS was designed as a Leadership Course for union sisters to learn how the union works and is still offered in each district annually, but now, the USW Constitution requires that each local union with female members establish a Local Union Women’s Committee. All female members of the USW are considered Women of Steel regardless of their union-position or the industry or service they work in, some are activists, and some serve on their local’s Women’s Committee.

United State of Women: USW's Kelly Weaver

A short testimonial from Kelly Weaver of The United Steelworkers for The United State of Women.

United State of Women: USW's Julie Stein

A short testimonial from Julie Stein of The United Steelworkers for The United State of Women.

United State of Women: USW's Amber Miller

A short testimonial from Amber Miller of The United Steelworkers for The United State of Women.

The Women of Steel: Stepping Up

Five union sisters of the United Steelworkers work individually and collectively to help make the world a better place through labor.

Women of Steel - The Starting Lineup

USW International President Leo W. Gerard and the International Executive Board have shown leadership and vision by appointing women to lead the majority of our union's major departments in the United States and Canada. Let's show some love for our leadership and the ‪#‎WomenofSteel‬ stepping up to do big things in our union! ‪#‎ImSteppingUp‬ ‪#‎USWWorks‬

Rose Ann - A Women of Steel

A Women of Steel is...

Carol Landry - A Women of Steel

The inspiring story of Carol Landry's ascent throught the ranks to become the first USW International Vice President at Large.