Everybody's Union: 2022 Convention Keynote Video

There are moments in time when you know you're making history. This is one of those times. Watch our 2022 Convention Keynote Video.

USW miners start of American infrastructure

Our mining members are literally the first step in producing everything from appliances to electric vehicles - everything that moves America starts with us. We're the best at the world in protecting our environment as we do so - that's why we need this infrastructure bill. We really do supply America. #1u #USWMade

The baddest bus on the highway is #USWMade

We didn't just travel thousands of miles across our country to spread the stories of how we build our communities and need to invest in infrastructure, we did it in style - in the baddest bus on the highway - #USWMade by the members of Local 8042 at Starr Image Products.

The heart and soul of American infrastructure

The proud members of USW Local 6787 in Burns Harbor, Indiana, are the heart and soul of American infrastructure. The streets and bridges that we drive on; the military tanks and ships that protect our country; the buildings we live and work in; the airplanes we travel on; the automobiles we depend on; the clean energy powering our future - all of it begins here.

American made: for our children and our children's children

When we use #USWMade, American-made pipe like that made at McWane Ductile in Ohio, we're not only upgrading our outdated water systems. We're investing in us - the American worker - and our children and our children's children. More:

#USWMade: Flipping for Fiestaware

Flippers. That’s what you call people who religiously turn over plates and other ware to look for a stamp from Homer Laughlin, founded in 1871. The logo represents over 100 years of craftsmanship, artistry and pride. From fine china to colorful Fiestaware, this ware is proudly made by the 600 members of USW Local 419M in Newell, W. Va. So the next time you’re having a meal, flip to see if it’s #USWMade! #PlateFlippers

American Roots, American Heroes: Maine clothing maker now making medical supplies

When American Roots owner Ben Waxman asked his workers, members of USW Local 366, who would be willing to keep coming to work to make medical masks and other critically needed supplies, every single hand went up. When he needed help converting the Maine sew room into socially distanced work stations, laid-off IATSE stage hands showed up on a Saturday to build it. Watch this video and leave a comment if you're as inspired and proud as we are! #USWUnity #1u #Service+Solidarity

#USWMade: Compassion on the Covid-19 Frontlines

Andrew Reed of Local 9187 represents public employees at Stark County Job and Family Services in Ohio. In this video he explains how these frontline workers are doing their best during the #Covid-19 pandemic and how the union makes a big difference. Please watch and share to show we have their backs! #Service+Solidarity #USWCares

USW Public Employees: Fontana, California

The USW union members of the Fontana Unified School District are 1,800 strong and growing. From custodians- to district safety officers, these public employees play a critical role in the lives of the students in these schools. And they are proud to be Steelworkers!

USW Public Employees: Las Cruces, New Mexico

The USW public employees of Las Cruces, N.M., are the lifeblood of the city. From maintaining the municipal airport to servicing the public transportation to recycling the water for irrigation, these Steelworkers are what makes Las Cruces work.

USW Public Employees: Boston, Massachusetts

From the universities to the world champion sports franchises, Boston is known across the globe as a powerhouse metropolis. At the center of it, all are Steelworkers who manage the inner workings of the city. Everywhere you look, from the public gardens to the neighborhood community centers, a steelworker has had a hand in making the city work.

#USWMade: Interior Crafts Furniture

Local 9777 (Interior Crafts) out of Chicago, Illinois, is one of the last unionized furniture manufacturers left in the states. Over 70 of our brothers and sisters make some of the finest furniture sold today. Using old school craftsmanship skills they’ve learned on the job, they produce

#USWMade at Owens-Illinois

With one little glance of the eye, slide of a finger, amongst hundreds and hundreds of glass bottles, our brothers and sisters at Owens-Illinois can spot or feel the slightest imperfection, that’s craftsmanship!

Goodyear: #USWMade NASCAR Tires

Inside every Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series tire is a name — the name of a Steelworker from Local Union 2L in Akron, Ohio. For 69 years, 255 of our brothers and sisters have made these Goodyear tires by hand, ensuring every tire shipped out of the plant is not just a quality product, but one that will keep NASCAR drivers safe during races as they hit speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. Click here to read more about the hands-on craftsmanship and why “quality and safety over quantity” is so important. #USWMade

The Art of Craftsmanship

Our brothers and sisters at ‪#‎USW‬ Local Union 6346 at Wendell August Forge in Grove City, PA, have created a limited edition Women of Steel plate that is from beginning to end, entirely hand-crafted, numbered and union stamped by USW members using union-made materials from Alcoa. The decorative plate reads: “Women of Steel – May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.” For a limited time, this plate can be purchased for $55.00: ‪#‎USWWorks‬