rapid response

Rapid Response: The Man in the Arena

2019 USW Rapid Response kickoff video.

USW: Protect Our Pensions!

Over a million Americans who worked their whole lives and deferred wages for retirement security are now at risk of losing their pensions. Thanks to a perfect storm of the Great Recession, changing industries, unbalanced trade policies, and other factors outside of our control, these so-called multi-employer pensions plans are at risk of going bankrupt unless Congress takes action.

Rapid Response: We're Not Stopping

Rapid Response is the Steelworkers' nonpartisan grassroots education, communication, and action program that provides the necessary structure to inform every USW member about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. Rapid Response provides opportunity for all USW members to have a strong voice and an active part in the legislative activities that affect their daily lives and allows USW members to fight back on a daily basis on issues that affect them, their families, and their communities.

We Are Rapid Response

For 20 years, the Rapid Response program of the United Steelworkers has been educating and empowering members to engage in legislative battles across the country.

USW Rapid Response and Legislative Conference Wrap Up

The 2013 USW Rapid Response and Legislative Conference took place in Washington, D.C., in April. Members of the United Steelworkers, as well as a coalition from Unite the Union (UK) took to Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers and push a global labor agenda. This is a quick visual synopsis of the event.

Rapid Response: The Threats Are Clear!