Everybody's Union: 2022 Convention Keynote Video

There are moments in time when you know you're making history. This is one of those times. Watch our 2022 Convention Keynote Video.

Oil workers deserve a fair contract

Our oil workers across the country are taking a stand for a fair contract that honors our members’ sacrifices, skills and experience. Combined, the largest oil and gas companies made over $174 BILLION in profits in the first nine months of 2021 off the backs of our members, the essential workforce that kept these companies in business.

USW Local 227 rally for a fair National Oil Bargaining Program contract.

Members of USW Local 227 rally for a fair National Oil Bargaining Program contract at Chevron refinery in Pasadena, TX

Saving Line 5 shows we can have good jobs and a safe environment

Good, safe jobs in the oil industry and also protecting our environment is possible. That's why we're fighting to save Line 5 in Ohio. Watch then learn more: https://www.futureontheline.org.

Clean Refining

Economic Impact

Refinery Products

The Power of Unity

This week we're celebrating our union's story of coming together, working together, fighting together for what we all want -- a better life for all. It hasn't always been easy, but our unity kept us together. We learned to stick it out when times got tough, to pull together when too many would like to see us fall apart. Watch and share the 2017 convention keynote video to see how the power of unity helped us build a great union and great nations.

United Steelworkers: For a Better Life

It's all about safety

USW oil workers have been forced into an unfair labor practice strike. The workers are fighting to secure fair contracts that will protect the health and safety of workers and communities. The oil industry is the richest in the world, but their greed and their bad faith bargaining has stalled efforts to improve conditions in their workplaces. The industry has refused to address serious health and safety issues.

One Day Longer. One Day Stronger.

February 6, 2015. United Steelworkers rally in downtown Houston after rejecting a contract offer. The companies' bad faith bargaining, including refusal to bargain over mandatory subjects and undue delays in providing information, impeded bargaining and led to the strike

Stronger Together

Our union has a proud history and is forged in tradition that we are all privileged to carry on. The past few years have been among the most exciting -- and the most challenging in our 70 plus years. We've come through a lot. We've accomplished a lot. And we have so much more to do. Through it all -- the good times and the bad times -- one thing has been proven over and over: we are stronger together.

Still Out of Control

The story of corporate disregard for plant safety and public health in the petro-chemical industry.