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Empowering the Next Gen of Union Leaders #usw #nextgen

Get inspired by Jim Knox, VP of Local 351, as he advocates for the next wave of union leaders! With the 2024 Next Gen Conference on the horizon, he calls on young unionists to carry the torch and elevate the labor movement to new heights. March 2024 – Talk to your local today and get registered!

Let’s talk #NextGen!

Let’s talk #NextGen! 🤩🤩This conference is the hub for inspiring many- including Cyndi Smith from Local 2695, who brought her Next Gen knowledge back into her community in Gary, Indiana.🥰 Register to attend the conference at #NG2024 #USW #USWNG

USW Next Gen: John Martinez

#NextGen is an awesome resource for growth, friendships, and more! 🥳 🎉 This is John Martinez from Local 12-593 sharing his Next Gen story. For more info about the conference, go to #NG2024 #USW #USWNG

District 4: Brian Callow of USW Local 314

Hear some of the major reasons to consider joining a union, straight from union members themselves!

USW Next Gen: A Promise Kept

When a group of Next Geners were asked to repair crumbling basketball hoops at a Pittsburgh area school, they quickly realized the hoops were beyond repair. The kids didn't believe it when our members pitched in their own money to order new hoops. This week, Myron Bynum of USW Local 9445 made sure the kids of Seville knew this union keeps it word.

USW Next Gen 2019: Will Attig of the Union Veterans Council

Will Attig, executive director of the Union Veterans Council speaks to the 2019 USW Next Gen Conference.

USW Next Gen 2019: Storytellers

Four USW members share personal stories of overcoming adversity.

USW Next Gen 2019: Leadership Panel

The top brass from the United Steelworkers sit down for a Q&A panel at the 2019 USW Next Gen Conference.

USW Next Gen 2019: Desmond Meade

Desmond Meade's keynote speech from the 2019 USW Next Gen Conference.

USW Next Gen 2019: Community Service Recap

Several Next Gen members recap the community service day from the 2019 USW Next Gen Conference.

USW Next Gen 2019: Building Power

The building power discussion panel from the 2019 USW Next Gen Conference.

A Life Changing Story

Watch as our brother Ernesto “Tito” Ochoa of USW Local 6787 shares his story about being detained by ICE on his way to work, thrown in federal jail and threatened with deportation. Tito's story recently shared at our Next Gen conference, is one of the most powerful testimonials we've ever heard and makes us so damned proud to be Steelworkers. #USWUnity #1u

USW Next Gen Community Day of Action!

What do you do with almost 900 energized USW Next Gen members? Turn them loose on the Pittsburgh community to lend a helping hand! #NG2019 #USWCares

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The United Steelworkers and Variety: The Children's Charity

On June 6, 2017, the USW in partnership with Variety the Children’s Charity and their “My Voice” program presented two Steelworker families with high-tech devices that will help their children express themselves. For families with nonverbal children, tools that help facilitate effective communication provide vital lifelines—but they can also be prohibitively expensive. Providing these devices "is something that we can do that really changes the lives of our members and their families,” said USW International President Leo W. Gerard. #USWCares

Priscilla Puente, USW's Jefferson Award Winner: 2017 USW Convention

Our 2016 #USWCares Jefferson Awards Winner and National Jefferson Award winner Priscilla Puente was honored at Convention for her outstanding community service — helping abused women find good union jobs and become financially independent. #USWUnity #USWCares

Every kid deserves a bike Next Generation is a program to inspire and educate the young members of the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union that proudly represents 1.2 million current and retired workers. The Steelworkers of today work in industries like manufacturing, oil, paper, health care and pharmaceutical, education, public services, mining, forestry and so much more.

Our Union's Next Generation of Leaders

USW Members pass a resolution laying out a plan for our unions next generation of leaders.