Our union worked to get New York Assembly Bill A3913B passed, requiring employers to display information on veterans’ benefits and services. We're excited to share that next year, through our Rapid Response network and our new, Constitutionally-mandated Veterans of Steel committees, we will be working to pass this kind of law in other states. International President Tom Conway outlines our ideas and goals a bit more in this video. #EverybodysUnion#VetsOfSteel#1u

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Fighting for our Veterans of Steel

Our union worked to get New York Assembly Bill A3913B passed, requiring employers to display information on veterans’ benefits and services. We're excited to share that next year, through our Rapid Response network and our new, Constitutionally-mandated Veterans of Steel committees, we will be working to pass this kind of law in other states. International President Tom Conway outlines our ideas and goals a bit more in this video. #EverybodysUnion#VetsOfSteel#1u

Paper worker by trade, lobbyist by choice

Meet Jason Snellen, covered in ink most days at his USW Local 1241 job making packaging labels for some of our top brands. But this day, he's donning a suit and tie, serving as a registered lobbyist, advocating for issues that affect our jobs, families and communities. He's just one of many of our union's legislative activists who fight for all us. #1u #USWVoices

Gov. Beshear Names March 9 ‘Union Workers Supply Kentucky Day.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear met with the USW and issued a proclamation declaring the day “Union Workers Supply Kentucky Day.”

We're not pushing anyone's agenda here but our own

Our USW International President Tom Conway didn't hold back in his message about the infrastructure bills. Watch now! #WeSupplyAmerica ##USWMade

We Supply America: Questions and Answers

Mike Noll from USW Local 1237 asks an essential question about how the infrastructure bill might extend help to industries like paper or healthcare. USW International Vice President Leeann Foster explains how infrastructure extends to many industries and how these industries are interconnected in our complex economy.

Real Talk About Infrastructure Investment

USW International President Tom Conway and Vice President Roxanne Brown take your questions about the We Supply America campaign and discuss why investing in infrastructure is investing in us - all of us. #USWMade #USWVoices #1u

USW to President Biden: We need a seat at the table

International Vice President Roxanne Brown spoke at the White House #LeadersSummit on climate change to talk about how USW members across MANY sectors Supply America's physical (bridges, roads, etc.) and social (utilities, hospitals, etc.) infrastructure and how USW members in ALL sectors are an essential part of our country's future. Watch how we build power! ✊🏽 #USWMade #USWVoices

USW: Protect Our Pensions!

Over a million Americans who worked their whole lives and deferred wages for retirement security are now at risk of losing their pensions. Thanks to a perfect storm of the Great Recession, changing industries, unbalanced trade policies, and other factors outside of our control, these so-called multi-employer pensions plans are at risk of going bankrupt unless Congress takes action.

Safe staffing is essential!

Comprehensive safe staffing practices that recognize the vital role that every health care worker plays in delivering quality patient care is essential in order to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to work and receive care.

Rapid Response: We're Not Stopping

Rapid Response is the Steelworkers' nonpartisan grassroots education, communication, and action program that provides the necessary structure to inform every USW member about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. Rapid Response provides opportunity for all USW members to have a strong voice and an active part in the legislative activities that affect their daily lives and allows USW members to fight back on a daily basis on issues that affect them, their families, and their communities.

2018 USW HSE Conference: The New View of Safety with Todd Conklin

The New View of safety provides a fresh look at unsafe workplace conditions and resulting injuries to workers. Todd Conklin, speaking at the 2018 USW Health, Safety and Environment Conference on March 29, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA, provides an overview of the New View of safety to the 1600 conference participants. The presentation is informative and entertaining to help workers and employers provide better health and safety management at their workplace.

Manufacturing is vital to national defense

It’s been more than 200 days without any action on steel and aluminum imports that threaten our country's national security, despite promises from the president. Meanwhile, plants are idle, imports are rising and workers’ jobs are at risk. Every day without action is another day that hurts USW members, our communities and our nation. Please join us in urging the Trump administration to keep its promises by signing our petition at

Baby and Dad battle brain cancer, now the Senate

Maggie and Ryan Link should have been enjoying their newlywed years as young, new parents. Instead, this hard-working family faced the battle of their lives: brain cancer for both Ryan and their baby son, Nathan. Now, the family is once again in the fight of their lives, this time against Congress as legislators threaten their health care. Call your Senators at 877-607-0785. Make sure to tell them who you are, where you’re from and to oppose the health care bill.

Westray: We Will Never Stop

May 9, 2017, marked 25 years since the Westray disaster and the USW, along with family members, elected officials and other unions gathered to commemorate the tragedy and continue the campaign to enforce the law.

Their Son was Killed on the Job

Black liquor – it’s not what it sounds like.

It’s actually a byproduct of making paper that is used as clean source of renewable biomass to power pulp and paper mills. Visit to learn more.

ATI, it's time to listen up!

On July 30, 2015, a group of over 700 workers, activists and community members marched on Allegheny Technologies Incorporated. The message to ATI was clear: we want a fair contract and we want it now!

Casey: Fast Tracking Emerging Trade Deal Could Cost Western PA Jobs

With only weeks to go before a major vote, U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), joined by Pittsburgh workers, will detail how fast tracking an emerging trade deal could impact jobs and wages in Western Pennsylvania

Gerard: Fast Track is NAFTA on Steroids

May 1, 2015. USW International President, Leo W. Gerard, warns that the upcoming TPP trade deal will be harmful to U.S. workers.

Leo Gerard - Stop Fast Track Rally!

Leo Gerard, Fast Track, TPP

Elizabeth Warren - Stop Fast Track Rally!

Elizabeth Warren, Fast Track, TPP, trade

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Stop Fast Track Rally!

Keith Ellison - Stop Fast Track Rally!

Keith Ellison, TPP, Fast Track

It's time to #StopFastTrack

On Wednesday, April 15th, activists stormed the lawn of the Capital Building in Washington D.C. to tell lawmakers to #StopFastTrack. Say no to the #TPP and any trade deal that sells out American jobs!

Stop the Killing!

Stop the Killing. Enforce the Law! It has been more than two decades since the Westray mine disaster in Nova Scotia and a decade since amendments were made to the Criminal Code of Canada to hold corporations, their directors and executives criminally accountable for the health and safety of workers. Even though more than 1,000 workers each year are killed at work, police and prosecutors are not utilizing the Westray amendments, and not investigating workplace fatalities through the lens of criminal accountability.

Is this Ohio town doomed?

When a major employer leaves a region, the ripple effect can be devastating. Is it too late for this region in the Ohio Valley?

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Looking For Trouble: The USW's Model Comprehensive Health & Safety Program

"If we don't look for trouble, trouble is going to come looking for us." The United Steelworkers Health and Safety Department is working towards a joint union and management comprehensive workplace Health and Safety program. This program will focus on addressing hazardous conditions without blaming workers to slow and eventually stop the frequency of fatalities to our members.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate-driven organization that works behind closed doors to develop laws that serve their funders' interests. The "model legislation" they produce is introduced by state-level lawmakers who assume the ideas as their own. The bills are predictably self-serving: limiting workers' rights, restricting our ability to vote, undercutting safety on the job and more. When ALEC held their spring task force meeting in Oklahoma City in early May, the Steelworkers were there to shed light on this distortion of democracy. Joining with other union members and progressive allies, nearly a thousand people marched and rallied saying "ALEC is NOT OK!"

Bailout Saves U.S. Manufacturing

When President Obama took the bold step of saving the U.S. auto industry, he didn't just save auto assembly jobs. He saved American manufacturing, including 350,000 USW jobs that are part of the auto supply chain. The auto rescue helped millions of Americans and Steelworkers from all over: the single mom making axles in Indiana. Mitt Romney says he would have let the auto industry fail -- let us fail. President Obama believed in us. Saving the American auto industry was courageous. It was politically unpopular. But it was the right thing to do.

Affordable Care Act: Hope Delivered for USW Families

When Travis Turner was 9 months old he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and almost died. His father, Craig, is a member of USW Local 7248 in Ohio, and the family had good, union-negotiated health care through work. But just three months later, while fighting for his life in the intensive care unit, Travis was kicked off his father's plan because the cost of the baby's care had reached the $1 million cap set by the insurance company. Now, at age 7, Travis is a happy, healthy first-grader. And thanks to the Affordable Health Act championed by President Obama, he's back on his family's insurance. No more lifetime caps. No more pre-existing conditions. Just hope. This is what we're fighting for.

Sen. Bernie Sanders - Part 1

Sen. Bernie Sanders addressed the 2011 USW Constitutional Convention