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USWA Health & Wellfare Fund

Step back into 1998 and uncover the pivotal role of the United Steelworkers in fortifying the rights to comprehensive healthcare through the Steelworkers Health and Welfare Fund. This video captures the historical essence of the labor movement's victories, highlighting the union's relentless negotiations for equitable working conditions and healthcare benefits. From the crucial 1996 strikes to establishing a member-controlled benefits program, this video chronicles the strategic battles fought at the bargaining table to secure a legacy of improved healthcare plans for thousands of members. Experience the solidarity and strategic foresight that empowered the steelworkers to safeguard their health, welfare, and dignity against the shifting tides of industrial America.

Everybody's Union: 2022 Convention Keynote Video

There are moments in time when you know you're making history. This is one of those times. Watch our 2022 Convention Keynote Video.

Safe staffing is essential!

Comprehensive safe staffing practices that recognize the vital role that every health care worker plays in delivering quality patient care is essential in order to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to work and receive care.

USW: The Union for Health Care Workers

USW Health Care Workers Council members discuss what being a Steelworker means to them and why all healthcare workers and their patients deserve a Union. The United Steelworkers represents more than 45,000 health care workers in the United States and Canada.