Our union worked to get New York Assembly Bill A3913B passed, requiring employers to display information on veterans’ benefits and services. We're excited to share that next year, through our Rapid Response network and our new, Constitutionally-mandated Veterans of Steel committees, we will be working to pass this kind of law in other states. International President Tom Conway outlines our ideas and goals a bit more in this video. #EverybodysUnion#VetsOfSteel#1u

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Fighting for our Veterans of Steel

Our union worked to get New York Assembly Bill A3913B passed, requiring employers to display information on veterans’ benefits and services. We're excited to share that next year, through our Rapid Response network and our new, Constitutionally-mandated Veterans of Steel committees, we will be working to pass this kind of law in other states. International President Tom Conway outlines our ideas and goals a bit more in this video. #EverybodysUnion#VetsOfSteel#1u

Everybody's Union: 2022 Convention Keynote Video

There are moments in time when you know you're making history. This is one of those times. Watch our 2022 Convention Keynote Video.

We're not pushing anyone's agenda here but our own

Our USW International President Tom Conway didn't hold back in his message about the infrastructure bills. Watch now! #WeSupplyAmerica ##USWMade

We Supply America: Questions and Answers

Mike Noll from USW Local 1237 asks an essential question about how the infrastructure bill might extend help to industries like paper or healthcare. USW International Vice President Leeann Foster explains how infrastructure extends to many industries and how these industries are interconnected in our complex economy.

Real Talk About Infrastructure Investment

USW International President Tom Conway and Vice President Roxanne Brown take your questions about the We Supply America campaign and discuss why investing in infrastructure is investing in us - all of us. #USWMade #USWVoices #1u

USW to President Biden: We need a seat at the table

International Vice President Roxanne Brown spoke at the White House #LeadersSummit on climate change to talk about how USW members across MANY sectors Supply America's physical (bridges, roads, etc.) and social (utilities, hospitals, etc.) infrastructure and how USW members in ALL sectors are an essential part of our country's future. Watch how we build power! ✊🏽 #USWMade #USWVoices

Saving Line 5 shows we can have good jobs and a safe environment

Good, safe jobs in the oil industry and also protecting our environment is possible. That's why we're fighting to save Line 5 in Ohio. Watch then learn more: https://www.futureontheline.org.

Enough is enough: Unfair Labor Practices Strike Begins at ATI

Watch why we engaged in a strike against ATI over unfair labor practices at nine facilities. Spoiler alert: It's USW strength and courage vs corporate greed.

Turning up the heat against ATI's demands

In our union, when a company like ATI tries to bully us with unnecessary demands, we just get stronger! #Solidarity #SteelStrong #1u

#USWMade: Flipping for Fiestaware

Flippers. That’s what you call people who religiously turn over plates and other ware to look for a stamp from Homer Laughlin, founded in 1871. The logo represents over 100 years of craftsmanship, artistry and pride. From fine china to colorful Fiestaware, this ware is proudly made by the 600 members of USW Local 419M in Newell, W. Va. So the next time you’re having a meal, flip to see if it’s #USWMade! #PlateFlippers

A Life Changing Story

Watch as our brother Ernesto “Tito” Ochoa of USW Local 6787 shares his story about being detained by ICE on his way to work, thrown in federal jail and threatened with deportation. Tito's story recently shared at our Next Gen conference, is one of the most powerful testimonials we've ever heard and makes us so damned proud to be Steelworkers. #USWUnity #1u

Luke Strong: Unity and Hope

When a paper town gets the worst possible news, see how hope is ignited from the union and community uniting. This story is something you have to see. #USWUnity #LukeStrong

Thank you!

Leadership. In our union, it’s so much more than a word. Leadership is about people: the men and women we’re honored to serve. And the women and men who’ve served with honor. Watch and share our tribute to Leo W. Gerard, Stan Johnson, Carol Landry and Jon Geenen as they retire and we welcome new leaders to continue our great legacy.

USW: Protect Our Pensions!

Over a million Americans who worked their whole lives and deferred wages for retirement security are now at risk of losing their pensions. Thanks to a perfect storm of the Great Recession, changing industries, unbalanced trade policies, and other factors outside of our control, these so-called multi-employer pensions plans are at risk of going bankrupt unless Congress takes action.

USW at Inglis

Members of USW Local Unions 2900 and 4487 manufactured a wide range of products at John Inglis Co.: washers, dryers, water heaters and other household appliances; kitchen utensils; large industrial equipment, even fishing rods. At its height, more than 17,000 United Steelworkers at Inglis made Bren guns for the WWII war effort. For more than 50 years, our union improved the lives of the thousands of workers who passed through the company’s doors -- and improved the lives of all those in the Toronto area. The union at Inglis also produced some of labor's most impactful leaders. USW International President Lynn Williams was a worker at Inglis on the water heater line during the late 1940s and a life-long, dues-paying member. International President Leo W. Gerard represented the locals as a staff rep during the 1970s and 1980s during some of their toughest fights. In November 1989, the John Inglis Company’s workers made their last products. But the wonderful memories of Locals 2900 and 4487 and their members will last forever.

¡El Poder de la Unidad!

Esta semana celebramos la historia de nuestro sindicato de unirse, trabajar juntos, luchar juntos por lo que todos queremos: una vida mejor para todos. No siempre ha sido fácil, pero nuestra unidad nos mantuvo unidos.

National Grid, this is personal.

As if being diagnosed with bladder cancer isn’t scary enough, imagine that very day you learn your long-time employer is cutting off your health care after locking you out of your job. That’s exactly what National Grid did to our brother and thousands like him in Massachusetts. Sign our petition to tell National Grid they’re wrong: http://usw.to/EndTheLockOut #USWUnity #OneDayLonger

National Grid shut-off my health care

This is what National Grid is doing to our brothers and sisters in Massachusetts. Join us in telling National Grid that it’s shameful, immoral and that the lockout needs to end: http://usw.to/nationalgrid. #EndTheLockOut #USWUnity

Rapid Response: We're Not Stopping

Rapid Response is the Steelworkers' nonpartisan grassroots education, communication, and action program that provides the necessary structure to inform every USW member about pending legislation concerning labor and work-related issues. Rapid Response provides opportunity for all USW members to have a strong voice and an active part in the legislative activities that affect their daily lives and allows USW members to fight back on a daily basis on issues that affect them, their families, and their communities.

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UnionHall: Website Building for USW Local Unions!

UnionHall is an internet-based system that allows USW local unions without advanced technical skills to maintain websites. Local unions must apply for the sites and once approved, have their "webmasters" attend an online training in order to receive UnionHall administration privileges and get started. It is an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that allows locals to publish content like articles, photos, videos and links to social media on your own website. UnionHall sites are mobile-friendly and available at no charge to locals in good standing with active SteelWeb accounts. The sites can be linked to the USW’s main website to ensure updated content on local pages. To sign up for a site and training, visit: usw.org/localweb to get started on your application.

Goodyear: #USWMade NASCAR Tires

Inside every Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series tire is a name — the name of a Steelworker from Local Union 2L in Akron, Ohio. For 69 years, 255 of our brothers and sisters have made these Goodyear tires by hand, ensuring every tire shipped out of the plant is not just a quality product, but one that will keep NASCAR drivers safe during races as they hit speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. Click here to read more about the hands-on craftsmanship and why “quality and safety over quantity” is so important. #USWMade

Not even a hurricane can stop the USW

Sisters and brothers in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, elsewhere in the Caribbean and along the South have been devastated by Hurricane Irma and its aftermath – some have lost everything. This comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey that left members in Texas in crisis with months of rebuilding ahead. WATCH and SHARE this video that shows that not even hurricanes can stop us. And if you haven’t yet, please donate: usw.org/relief. #USWCares #StrongerTogether

Priscilla Puente, USW's Jefferson Award Winner: 2017 USW Convention

Our 2016 #USWCares Jefferson Awards Winner and National Jefferson Award winner Priscilla Puente was honored at Convention for her outstanding community service — helping abused women find good union jobs and become financially independent. #USWUnity #USWCares

Leading the Fight for Fair Trade

Steelworkers have been fighting for workers’ rights and human rights around the world. The fight for fair trade is something we’ve led for generations – often times leading when no one else does. Watch and share this video from our 2017 convention.

The Power of Unity

This week we're celebrating our union's story of coming together, working together, fighting together for what we all want -- a better life for all. It hasn't always been easy, but our unity kept us together. We learned to stick it out when times got tough, to pull together when too many would like to see us fall apart. Watch and share the 2017 convention keynote video to see how the power of unity helped us build a great union and great nations.

United Steelworkers: For a Better Life

Carrier, You Betrayed Our Country

On February 10th Carrier Corporation and its parent company, United Technologies, abruptly announced to its dedicated workforce of 1,400, that their jobs were headed for Mexico. This company has been highly profitable, raking in over $7 Billion in profits in 2015, enough to award the company’s president and CEO Gregory Hayes a pay package of $10 million. Sign the petition if you want to see good manufacturing jobs stay in the United States; http://usw.to/carrier

Black liquor – it’s not what it sounds like.

It’s actually a byproduct of making paper that is used as clean source of renewable biomass to power pulp and paper mills. Visit usw.to/mdjobs to learn more.

Faculty are the heart and soul of Chatham

In order to help students succeed, faculty need adequate support from the University. This means a living wage, job security, and a voice in decision-making. If you want to join your colleagues in standing together to refocus the University’s priorities on those who do the teaching and learning, go to http://usw.to/chatham

ATI, it's time to listen up!

On July 30, 2015, a group of over 700 workers, activists and community members marched on Allegheny Technologies Incorporated. The message to ATI was clear: we want a fair contract and we want it now!

Every kid deserves a bike

www.usw.org/nextgen Next Generation is a program to inspire and educate the young members of the United Steelworkers, North America’s largest industrial union that proudly represents 1.2 million current and retired workers. The Steelworkers of today work in industries like manufacturing, oil, paper, health care and pharmaceutical, education, public services, mining, forestry and so much more.

We Are Rapid Response

For 20 years, the Rapid Response program of the United Steelworkers has been educating and empowering members to engage in legislative battles across the country.

In Memoriam: September 2013 - March 2015

In this video honoring United Steelworkers members who have died at work from September 2013-March 2015, Secretary-Treasurer Stan Johnson eloquently expresses what the annual ringing of the memorial bell means and why we must never forget.

Alison Grimes stands for the kinda things we believe in!

USW International President, Leo W. Gerard, tell supporters in Kentucky why Alison Lundergan Grimes is so important to labor.

Sizzling Campaign Speech by Alison Lundergan Grimes

Elizabeth Warren Stumps for Alison Lundergan Grimes

USW The Fighting Spirit

In August 2011 United Steelworkers came together to stand up and fight back for workers around the world.

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We Are A Union that Works

The 2014 USW Constitutional Convention opening video, "A Union That Works," highlights our awesome members doing what we do best: working hard in every way to make our world a better place for everyone.

Stronger Together

Our union has a proud history and is forged in tradition that we are all privileged to carry on. The past few years have been among the most exciting -- and the most challenging in our 70 plus years. We've come through a lot. We've accomplished a lot. And we have so much more to do. Through it all -- the good times and the bad times -- one thing has been proven over and over: we are stronger together.

Life in a Mining Town

USW International President, Leo W. Gerard, talks about what it's like to grow up in a mining town.