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Harry Bains: Steelworker and BC Minister of Labour

When Harry Bains was a member on the shop floor, our union's Civil Rights committee stood up for him when he was faced with racist attacks at work. An activist was born and now he's the Minister of Labour in British Columbia, Canada.

The USW Civil and Human Rights Conference 2019: Rev. Bishop William J. Barber II

Our Civil and Human Rights conference is happening this week in Minneapolis, where delegates are discussing some of our nations' most important issues, gaining tools to build stronger locals and communities and hearing from some amazing leaders, including Bishop William Barber who called on Steelworkers everywhere to join together to fight for our morality. Watch his message here. #USWUnity #CHR2019 #1u

USW Anti Harassment Policy video

"You and I" Civil Rights

The power of our Union is You and I!

Rev. Barber tells Steelworkers: 'They're scared of our unity'

The Rev. Dr. William Barber II electrified the 2017 USW Convention crowd with a speech that touched on racism, classism and the need to unify behind a moral agenda.

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Breaking the Chains of Poverty

In Pittsburgh, a partnership between the United Steelworkers and the A. Philip Randolph Institute has created a program called "Breaking the Chains of Poverty." They have successfully formed a pathway for displaced, unemployed or under employed individuals to become trained and find careers that often change their lives.

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USW's Civil Rights Conference Rocks Cincinnati!

The 2012 USW Civil Rights Conference takes their political message to the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. Fred Redmond, USW International V.P., delivered a powerful and inspirational message to the delegates telling them that "America's best days are ahead."

2009 USW Civil and Human Rights Conference

Highlights from the 2009 USW Civil and Human Rights Conference.