The baddest bus on the highway is #USWMade

We didn't just travel thousands of miles across our country to spread the stories of how we build our communities and need to invest in infrastructure, we did it in style - in the baddest bus on the highway - #USWMade by the members of Local 8042 at Starr Image Products.

We Supply America: Questions and Answers

Mike Noll from USW Local 1237 asks an essential question about how the infrastructure bill might extend help to industries like paper or healthcare. USW International Vice President Leeann Foster explains how infrastructure extends to many industries and how these industries are interconnected in our complex economy.

Real Talk About Infrastructure Investment

USW International President Tom Conway and Vice President Roxanne Brown take your questions about the We Supply America campaign and discuss why investing in infrastructure is investing in us - all of us. #USWMade #USWVoices #1u

Saving Line 5 shows we can have good jobs and a safe environment

Good, safe jobs in the oil industry and also protecting our environment is possible. That's why we're fighting to save Line 5 in Ohio. Watch then learn more:

Enough is enough: Unfair Labor Practices Strike Begins at ATI

Watch why we engaged in a strike against ATI over unfair labor practices at nine facilities. Spoiler alert: It's USW strength and courage vs corporate greed.

Turning up the heat against ATI's demands

In our union, when a company like ATI tries to bully us with unnecessary demands, we just get stronger! #Solidarity #SteelStrong #1u

Economic Impact

Refinery Products

USW Leadership Level 4 Action at Point Park University

Folks on broadway aren't the only ones singing about not being able to pay the #rent. Big shoutout to USW Level 4 Leadership Development for putting the pressure on #PointParkUniversity to do right by the adjunct professors.

USW Local 8599: The Fontana Unified School District

A brief video featuring testimonials from the classified employees and school site aides of the Fontana Unified School District in Fontana, California.

National Grid, this is personal.

As if being diagnosed with bladder cancer isn’t scary enough, imagine that very day you learn your long-time employer is cutting off your health care after locking you out of your job. That’s exactly what National Grid did to our brother and thousands like him in Massachusetts. Sign our petition to tell National Grid they’re wrong: #USWUnity #OneDayLonger

Child has cancer and National Grid cuts off health insurance

Imagine your sick child is scheduled for his first chemo treatment and you are literally blocked from going to work by your long-time employer, who stops your family’s health care coverage. This is what National Grid is doing to our brothers and sisters in Massachusetts. Join us in telling National Grid that it’s shameful, immoral and that the lockout needs to end: #EndTheLockOut #USWUnity

National Grid shut-off my health care

This is what National Grid is doing to our brothers and sisters in Massachusetts. Join us in telling National Grid that it’s shameful, immoral and that the lockout needs to end: #EndTheLockOut #USWUnity

Safe staffing is essential!

Comprehensive safe staffing practices that recognize the vital role that every health care worker plays in delivering quality patient care is essential in order to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to work and receive care.

Casino Workers: Don't Gamble With Your Healthcare

Several casino workers in Ohio and West Virginia discuss how having a union helped them win better healthcare coverage on the job.

Casino Workers: You are the Union

Casino employees across the U.S. and Canada talk candidly about what being a union member means to them and how their quality of life has improved after becoming one.

Pitt, Rename Parran Hall & Stop Honoring an Unethical Scientist

Pitt's Parran Hall is named for former U.S. Surgeon General Thomas Parran who presided over the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment, in which 399 African American men were deceived and infected with syphilis without consent. Sign our petition urging them to change the name!

Our Tokes are Our Tokes!

The Department of Labor (DOL) is in the process of changing the tip rules. The new rules could make it possible for employers, like The Meadows, to take of distributing tips (tokes) however they see fit as long as they pay us at least the minimum wage. We want to prevent this from happening!

Female Faculty at Pitt: Something doesn't add up

Learn more at

Pitt Faculty are Organizing to Form a Union!

After more than two years of hard work, faculty at the University of Pittsburgh are moving their campaign to form a union with the USW's Academic Workers Association to the next phase by beginning to collect union cards. Some 4,000 full and part-time faculty are organizing because they want a voice in how the university is run, ensuring the core mission—teaching and research—doesn't takes a back seat to other priorities. Comment below with your words of solidarity to wish them luck!

Now is the time to sign your union card!

Visit to get in touch with an organizer so you can sign your union card before the end of the semester.

Mining Matters to Minnesota

Dig a little deeper at The USW has also fought for decades to protect our land, water and air. We supported the Clean Air Act of 1970 and have long fought for stricter air pollution and fuel-efficiency standards. Long ago, we realized that any “choice” between good jobs and a clean environment is a false one – we must have both or we will have neither.

Pitt Graduate Student Organizing Committee #AskAGrad Livestream

October 17, 2017

We are the Union: The Origins of Organizing at The University of Pittsburgh

For nearly three years, graduate student employees at Pitt have been organizing and campaigning for a union. What started as colleagues and friends meeting in coffee shops and at each other’s houses became a vast, complex project. Please, take a few minutes to watch the video to hear about the origins of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee at the University of Pittsburgh.

Andréa Hanna: Response to the Provost

Our colleague, Andréa Hanna, wrote a letter to the editor of Pitt News in response to Provost Beeson’s recent email attempting to intimidate grad employees out of exercising our right to build a union at Pitt. It highlights the consequences caused by the deficient level of support we receive as grad employees at Pitt. How can one produce their best work when they can barely afford to eat?


With a union, graduate student workers at the University of Pittsburgh will have a stronger voice in their workplace when it comes to issues that impact their jobs and their students' education.

Black liquor – it’s not what it sounds like.

It’s actually a byproduct of making paper that is used as clean source of renewable biomass to power pulp and paper mills. Visit to learn more.