You are protected by law when you... 

Most private sector employees have the right to organize under the National Labor Relations Act. Public sector workers have similar rights under laws specific to their states.

  • Help form or JOIN A UNION
  • BARGAIN over wages, benefits and working conditions with your employer after winning your union
  • TALK ABOUT THE UNION, including your working conditions and wages, at work as you would talk about any other subject
  • DISTRIBUTE UNION LITERATURE in non-work areas, on non-work time (breaks)
  • WEAR UNION BUTTONS and insignia at work

It is illegal for your employer to

  • THREATEN or coerce you in any way
  • RETALIATE against you in any way for union activities
  • THREATEN, directly or indirectly, that you will lose wages, benefits, or working conditions by choosing a union
  • PROMISE increases in pay or benefits during a campaign if employees vote against the union
  • SPY on your union activities
  • ASK YOU about your union activities or attitudes.
  • CLOSE THE FACILITY or threaten, directly or indirectly, to close the facility simply because a union is organized
  • LAY OFF EMPLOYEES or threaten, directly or indirectly, to lay off employees simply because a union is organized