Oct. 4: ArcelorMittal Proposals Show Progress on Some Issues

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Although there remains significant ground to cover on differences that remain between our committee and ArcelorMittal management, we are nonetheless gratified to report that the unity and solidarity demonstrated by USW members over the past months at each and every location represented in these negotiations finally appears to have made a positive impression on the company.

ArcelorMittal has returned to Pittsburgh to resume bargaining with proposals that represent significant progress in some important areas, but the company still needs to make more movement on other issues – among the most vital to our members and our committee – to reach a fair contract settlement.

Again, our committee still has a lot of work to do on the issues that remain before we can present a tentative agreement for the membership to consider, but we urge everyone to remain patient while our bargaining continues.

Under no circumstances should anyone interpret this to mean that our fight is finished, that we have succeeded in our goals or that we are willing to continue this process indefinitely.

There should be no doubt now that management has heard the messages delivered by our membership loudly and clearly as we have stood together and spoken with one united voice throughout this long process.

Your ongoing vocal and visual support for our negotiating committee is as absolutely essential now as it has ever been for us to achieve our bargaining objectives.

Please maintain all of the internal organizing and community outreach efforts that are under way and stay in touch with members of your local CAT in the event that progress stalls and a labor dispute occurs.

As always, we urge everyone to stay focused on keeping yourselves and each other safe on the job while continuing to be the best and most productive steelmaking workforce in the world.

In the meantime, we will keep everyone informed as negotiations proceed.

To receive updates about bargaining via text, send “AM” to 47486.