District 1 Internal Organizing training- Private and Public Sector Sault Ste Marie, MI


This past March, the Union celebrated one of it’s biggest victories by the repeal of Right to Work in Michigan. It was the first time in over 70 years that a Right to Work law was overturned in any State.

This victory was due to the hard work and dedication of our local union officers, activists and staff.

The law itself officially comes to an end 90 days after the 2023 Michigan State Legislative Session or the beginning of April 2024. 

Our local unions and our members operated under a Right to Work law for over a decade. Transitioning back to a non-Right to Work State will be challenging but rewarding for all workers in the end.

USW District 1 will be holding Internal Organizing training to assist our local union officers and activists in providing a roadmap for steps and tactics to take on a campaign to boost membership.

Members will learn best practices for new hire orientation, how to assess membership within the local union and develop a plan to increase membership and tips for having conversations with non-members. 

The Internal Organizing training will be handled by staff of the USW International Organizing Department in Pittsburgh, PA. All local union officers and activists are encouraged to attend to get the training and information needed for a successful campaign.

As always, all lost time, per diem and mileage must be borne by the local union. 

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Date: 9/26/2023
American Legion
Address: 3 Legion Drive, Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783
Time: 9 a.m. 

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