District 1 Health Care Workers Intro to OSHA Training


We would like to thank all of our health care workers who have been working to protect their communities during this coronavirus pandemic.

I know that in many workplaces the stressors brought about by the coronavirus has just added another layer of hazards onto the many hazards faced on the job.

On top of new challenges facing our locals, crucial educational opportunities and other union events were cancelled.

To help fill this gap, District 1, in conjunction with the USW Health Care Workers Council and USW Tony Mazzocchi Center, will be hosting a series of virtual, interactive training webinars aimed to address health and safety within the health care sector.

It is a priority to us that you and your members are equipped with the resources and tools to help protect workers, particularly during this pandemic. The training webinars are free, open to every member that is interested and able to virtually attend, and will help arm you with tools to fight for a safer workplace. 

The second training focuses on your rights as a worker. Introduction to OSHA covers an introduction to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the OSH Act for workers. Course topics include an introduction to OSHA, OSHA Standards, the inspection process, implementing a safety and health program, worker training requirements and worker rights.

Training:  Introduction to OSHA
Date:  November 10, 2020
Time:  5 p.m.–6 p.m.
Register here: www.usw.org/worksafe

We hope that you can join in on this session and others that we plan to schedule in the coming months.

To stay up to date on virtual training opportunities available to you and your members text WorkSafe to 47486.